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  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is your hourly rate?

    The current rate for Psychotherapy is comparable to other similarly qualified Psychotherapists in the region. Please get in touch for more information.

    Will our sessions be covered through insurance?

    Some insurance policies do cover services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist, while others only approve sessions provided by a Psychologist. Please do check-in with your insurance provider.

    How many sessions will we have together?

    The length of Psychotherapy can vary depending on the goals set forth during the first few sessions. How long you choose to engage in the therapeutic process is up to you, but typically sessions terminate once the client feels that their goals have been met and progress has been made. It should be noted that goals set forth in the beginning sometimes alter and change throughout the process, which is completely normal.

    I have been thinking about engaging in Psychotherapy for some time now. How do I get started?

    Making the decision to engage in Psychotherapy for yourself takes thought and commitment. Sometimes, taking the first step to call and schedule an appointment is the most difficult. Allow yourself the opportunity to take that first step.